Private Equity Funding

Linc Robotics/GrassAds

GrassAds is a Queensland based company that is expanding into the US and European markets using robotic technology to create advertising on grass. The company has developed and proven this patented robotic technology in the Australian market and it is now developing its international capability. GrassAds is introducing affordable creativity in grass advertising to an immense range of sporting events and venues, from corporate golf days to major stadiums. More cost efficient and stylized than traditional techniques, such technology has allowed NRL sponsors able to change logos weekly for the first time whilst being cost effective and offering unlimited options in size and creative content to its clients.


Seasafe Pty Ltd

The Seasafe technology represents a major break through in marine and non-marine tracking and location systems. Having addressed and overcome perceived inadequacies in current Man-Overboard and Lost-Diver technologies, the Seasafe system is set to become the international bench-mark in self contained and stand-alone tracking and location systems. The system is a based on a coded radio frequency signal which allows for pin-point victim location accuracy as well as exceptional signal transmission ranges. The system is affordable and allows for search and rescues to be undertaken at the time and place they occur.

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Quantum Power Limited

The Quantum Power Limited Group of Companies is an Australian niche power business focussed on the production of energy from biogas. The Group is a developer, owner and operator of power stations generating electricity and co-generated heat primarily from biogas.The Group’s preferred model is to Build-Own-Operate the site, but is also able to provide turnkey services for the building and operating of on-site power stations for clients.

The group and its partners provides consulting and project management services the following key areas:

  • Covered anaerobic lagoon design, installation, lining and commissioning
  • Scrubbing systems, gas transportation and handling systems
  • Applications and approvals, including the requirements under the Carbon Farming Initiative
  • Biogas flaring systems

The Group is the authorised agent for the sale of purpose-built gas engines and diesel engines in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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Arthritis Relief Plus Ltd

ARP is a Biotechnology Company with a novel patented platform technology ‘Acteev’. Our lead product, a botanical topical has progressed to a Phase III multi-site osteo arthritis clinical trial in Australia, for the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. A patent has been filed for in eleven global regions reflecting key markets.4Jointz® ( product is a Complementary Medicine with a formulation that is an evidenced based, synergistic blend of standardised, botanical extracts and a pharmaceutical grade compound formulated with penetration enhancers as a topical cream with no known side-effects.

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Frelk Industries Pty Ltd

Frelk Industries Pty Ltd, based in Queenslnd, is commercialising an innovative safety tool (the EzyGrind) for efficient pipe cutting by plumbers and other trades people. Frelk Industries Pty Ltdidentified the need for a safer and more efficient solution,  other than the existing practice of using an angle grinder, for cutting pipes on worksites. The EzyGrind eliminates a high risk work practise, whilst also reducing labour costs and has global market application.

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The Forest

The Forest is an independent game currently in development for PC and Oculus Rift.

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Environmental Engineering Group

Environmental Engineering Group (EEG) Pty Ltd directors have over 20 years experience in commercial and domestic solar industry experience globally, the company has maintained a leading position in renewable energy technology.

EEG’s team exclusively assembles and distributes Westinghouse Solar branded modules for the international market. Westinghouse Solar state of the art technology is simplifying solar, maximizing efficiency and providing high quality PV modules for small, medium and large scale solar projects.

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Focus@Will is a neuroscience based subscription service that uses phase sequenced playlists of instrumental music designed to improve users’ productivity, in short its like ‘Spotify’ for your brain.

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